Facing Divorce or Separation? Get the Legal Advice You Need

Clay Davis brings more than thirty years of experience as a Georgia divorce lawyer and family law attorney, negotiating amicable agreements in divorce and child custody cases in the courtroom.

For people who are still married, it sometimes becomes necessary for the criminal court to become involved in the marriage as is the case with domestic violence, temporary restraining orders (TRO) or orders for protection.

Clay Davis’ experience as a judge helps him to understand what judges are looking at in terms of evidence as it relates to any divorce proceedings or child custody disputes. Our law office will always inform our clients when any offer is on the table, to determine what the best-case scenario might be. Settlements are almost always preferred, but an informed client will be in a better position to make a conscious decision whether or not to litigate rather than settle.

Our Divorce Services Include:

  • Divorce (uncontested / contested)
  • Child custody / support
  • Legal separation agreements
  • Alimony
  • Appeals
  • Modifications – modifying a settlement
  • Contempt / enforcement of orders

Family law matters can be trying because there are so many emotions involved. As a McDonough Georgia divorce settlement law firm, our clients can rest easier knowing they are in the hands of an experienced and compassionate lawyer, dedicated to delivering unparalleled service and skilled legal representation.

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